Alternative Risk Scoring Data

Vizibiliti’s Alternative Risk Scoring Data is highly predictive of positive and negative risk. 

Alternative risk scoring data can be used throughout the consumer & business credit life cycle.



Increase in scorecard lift


Improvement in default predictions


Overall scorecard accuracy improvement

Loan Origination

Use alternative risk scoring data to more effectively analyse the risk of accepted, rejected and referred applications.

Current Book

Alternative risk scoring data can be used to predict current accounts likely to default within 6-12 months.

Debtor Management

Alternative risk scoring data can be used to predict the propensity of a debtor deteriorating into a later stage bucket.

Collections & EDC

Improve RPC (Right party contact) rates, reduce call centre and agent costs using alternative collections data.

Access highly predictive alternative data

Non-traditional Data

Get access to alternative data which is highly predictive of both positive risks. 

Reliable. Consistent. Predictable

 Reliable data

Access alternative data which is reliable, updated regularly and is consistent.  Data integrity is of key importance.

Secure options

Enterprise ready

With multiple enterprise ready integration options including on-premise, cloud and web services data is easy to consume.

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