60 Second Affordability Assessments

automated affordability assessments

NCA Compliant

Increase loan origination sales

Loan application affordability assessments in 60 seconds enabling faster application approval times.

Eliminate fraud

 Reduce fraudulent applications by up to 95% by leveraging proprietary automated affordability assessment technology.

NCR & NCR compliant

Automated affordability assessments with built in NCA & NCR compliance requirements.

Embed internal rules

Integrate internal affordability assessment rules within 60 seconds. 

nca & ncR compliant

Automated affordability assessments are fully compliant with NCA and NCR regulation. 

remove subjectivity

Automated affordability assessments remove any opportunity for error when affordability is assessed.

approve more applications

Increase the volume of new or recurring customer applications in 60 seconds.

ai driven affordability

Analyse affordability risk using industry leading bank grade whitebox AI technology with explainability.   

verify customer identity

Verify new and existing customer identities within 60 seconds during the affordability process.    

workforce optimisation

Automated affordability assessments empower employees to focus on complex tasks, not repetitive ones.

Let’s create your unfair advantage

Cutting edge affordability assessment technology will put your busienss at the forefront of innovative financial risk assessment.