Alternative risk scoring using mobile device data

Risk scoring data on thin & no-file consumers

Increase loan approvals

bank grade scorecard integration

access new market segments

Vizibiliti uses proprietary mobile device risk scoring data to provide detailed risk scoring information on fat, thin and no-file consumers.

Data privacy and data security is a top priority, the necessary consent is acquired to use and score consumers.

Vizibiliti’s proprietary AI engine scores alternative mobile device data producing an easy to consume Vizibiliti risk score.


Data to risk score thin and no-file consumers

Vizibiliti allows any financial service provider access to in-depth data on thin and no-file consumers using mobile device metadata. 

With industry leading white-box AI risk scoring models, alternative consumer data can be consumed within bank grade environments.

Compliance requirements can be built into AI models ensuring full compliance with local and international regulation.


increase loan origination

Access alternative mobile data on fat, thin and no-file customers increasing sales lift while managing default risk.

Access new markets

Vizibiliti’s unique and proprietary mobile device intelligence enables financial institutions to risk score fat, thin and no-file consumers enabling access to new customer segments. 

Alternative Small Business Data

Mobile device data assists when risk scoring a small business. Traditional risk scoring data on small businesses can be inaccurate and limited. Mobile device intelligence creates rich risk scoring data.

Alternative Informal trader data

Device data acquired from micro and informal traders provides rich risk scoring data. Often traditional risk scoring methods will have no or limited data on informal traders.

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